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.NaMe. marianna
.AgE. 15 on tuesday!
.LoCaTiOn. tuckahoe new york. representin'
.SeXuAl PrEfEnCe. i<3guys, but gurls are hott toooo
.DaTiNg StAtUs. singleeeee and loving it!
.TeLl Us SoMeThiNg AbOuT yOuRsElF. hmm. i love peircings! they are like my biggest turn on. and if i could i would have so many more then i do, but my parents are gay so i have very limited ones. i have my tongue peirced, seven holes in one ear, and six in the other. soon i will have my belly button, and if i beg hard enough maybe my nose. sexxayyyyy! <3

.LoVe. ahhhh ok. i hate this question because honeostly, my opinion on love is bias. ive had my heart broken to much, so normally id say love can only lead to heartache, but for the purpose of this survey i wiill try to look past that. i think if u find the right person and u can love them and they love you, you are very lucky. love is a real beautiful feeling and when u commit to it right you can end up a very happy person. and i will lbe very jealous. haah. <3
.BuSh. i could get very much into answering this, but i wont. so heres a little idea of how i feel. bush should do the world a favor and kill himself. <3
.AbOrTiOn. ughhhhhh abortion! if your going to have sex use protection that way abortion can be avoided! haha. ok anway. i think that if somebody is too young or too poor to have a child then abortion may be the onyl option. but if u have other choices, dont kill ur kid! thats not fair.
.DrUgS. drugs will fuck u up long term, but for short term its a good time. ive done some drugs, i dont deny it, but now im trying to move foward from that cause all and all i guess its not a good idea.
.AlChOhAl. i think people OD on alchohal. i think having a few drinks and getting a little buzzz is fun and all but come on, who wwants to puke their brains out or hook up with random guys and have no idea wats going on. being too drunk isnt the best idea.
.CoUnTrY MuSiC.i admit it! i secretely hav ea love for country music! <33333
.RaP mUsIc. i like about three songs, other than that i think its kinda annoying.
.BiSeXuAl`S. bisexuals get the best of both worlds ;)

.ToP 5 BaNdS. taking back sunday, story of the year, coheed and cambria, a global threat, rufio
.CoLoR. red, black, pink
.ToP 5 MoViEs. thirteen, final destination 1, final destination 2, donnie darko, american wedding
.ToP 5 StOrEs. pac sun, uhhh IDK hah sawry.
.ToP 5 MaGaZiNeS. ym, seventeen, uhhhhh thats all i read. haah

.2 PeT pEeVeS. when people say stupid things like "close the lights" uh no its turn off the lights, and people who tap their pencil during cllasss. ughhhhh thats so fucking annoyyyingggg.
.BiGgEsT fAuLt. wow i got plenty of those. i think maybe sometimes i dont consider all the outcomes when i do something and it gets me into trouble. but idk i got tooo many faults to pick one ahha.
.BiGgEsT fEaR. losing my best friend rosemary forever. fuck our parents! </3>

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