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.NaMe. Amy
.AgE. 19
.SeX. Female
.LoCaTiOn. Houston, Texas
.SeXuAl PrEfEnCe. Straight
.DaTiNg StAtUs. Taken
.TeLl Us SoMeThiNg AbOuT yOuRsElF. I'm one of the most random people in the world.

.LoVe. It's really hard, and yet, without it, I don't think anyone could be complete.
.BuSh. Bah. He's made some mistakes, but who hasn't? Still, I'm going to be glad when his term is up in four years.
.AbOrTiOn. I'm all for it. I've had an abortion myself, and I definitely believe that it is a woman's choice as to whether or not she wants a child. If she is not ready, she shouldn't have to have a baby.
.DrUgS. People shouldn't get messed up with drugs. I've seen a lot of my friends become totally different people after using drugs, and what they became wasn't pretty. I wouldn't recommend drugs to anyone.
.AlChOhAl. I used to drink a lot, but that was a mistake. Drinking is okay, as long as it is in moderation and you don't do it to get away from your problems.
.CoUnTrY MuSiC. It's like any other genre of music. There are some good country songs, and there are some bad country songs. Just like there are some good rock songs, and some bad rock songs.
.RaP mUsIc. Same as country music.
.BiSeXuAl`S. If it makes them happy, then go for it. No one has the right to stop someone else's happiness.

.ToP 5 BaNdS.
- Vanessa Carlton
- Michelle Branch
- The Beetles
- Avril Lavigne
- Sarah McLachlan
.CoLoR. Pink
.ToP 5 MoViEs.
- Chicago
- 8 Mile
- Mean Girls
- White Oleander
- Center Stage
.ToP 5 StOrEs.
- American Eagle
- Abercrombie and Fitch
- Pac Sun
- Alloy
- Victoria Secret
.ToP 5 MaGaZiNeS.
- Vogue
- Cosmopolitian
- Bazaar
- Teen People
- Rolling Stone

.2 PeT pEeVeS.
- 10 year olds who have cell phones. What on earth do they need a cell phone for?
- People who are skinny and think they are fat.
.BiGgEsT fAuLt.
Being impatient.
.BiGgEsT fEaR.
Having a broken heart.
.FaVoRiTe HoBbY.
Playing piano.

.PrOmOtE 2 PlAcEs & LiNk iT hErE.

.WhY dO yOu ThInK yOu ShOuLd Be AcCePtEd.
Because I could promote and get a lot more members, and I think I have a great personality.
.iNsErT 2+ PiCtUrEs Of *YoU* hErE.

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